Lifts UK Platform Lifting Tables and Custom Built Platform Lifts

Lifts UK are experts in scissor lift tables and provide an extensive range of standard and bespoke manufactured scissor style, platform lifting tables. Lifts UK scissor lift tables can be custom designed for all industries and all environments. Lifts UK lifting platforms and lift tables are custom built for heavy duty handling of goods or goods and persons. Lift tables can be galvanised or fabricated from stainless steel, even ATEX rated.

Lift tables are typically used for lifting large, heavy goods, pallet and material handling, conveyor systems, mobility impaired wheelchair lifts, vehicle loading, mezzanine storage, small changes in height within a building.

International Lift Table Supplier

Lifts UK supply custom built lifting tables to partners and multi-national companies across the World. Lifts UK usually bases its design work around the widely accepted BS EN 1570 standard that specifies the safety requirements for industrial lifting tables.

Range of Platform Lifts and Lift Tables

The shortest scissor lift table supplied by Lifts UK is 600mm and the longest production line lifting platform is 15,000mm.. The narrowest lifter is 350mm and the widest is a stage lift at 6,500mm. Lifting tables usually have a rise of between 80mm and 3 metres, up to 6 metres can be accommodated. Most Lifts UK lift tables are electro-hydraulic, other methods of actuation include push chain (Serapid or SMS type), trapezoidal screw drive, air motor and air bag or air spring, and belt drive though rare can be supplied. Most Lifts UK lifting tables can be manufactured in standard carbon steel, galvanised steel or 304 and 316 stainless steel or various combinations.

World Class Supplier of Lifting Tables also known as Lift Tables, Scissor Lifts and Platform Lifts

Lifts UK area of expertise is single and multi-stage electro-hydraulic scissor actuated lifting devices. Our main factory only produces scissor lifts, it is not distracted by other products, every working day it designs and manufactures scissor lift tables to client requirements. If you want a scissor style lifting tables then we want to talk to you, wherever you are.