Rigid Chain Lifts

A rigid chain actuator, known variously as a linear chain actuator, push-pull chain actuator, electric chain actuator or column-forming chain actuator, is a specialized mechanical linear actuator used in window operating, push-pull material handling and lift applications. The actuator is a chain and pinion device that forms an articulated telescoping member to transmit traction and thrust.

High-capacity rigid chain lifting columns (jacks) can move dynamic loads exceeding 10 tonnes (US 20,000 pounds) over more than 7 metres (20 feet) of travel.

Our Product Range

Our product range includes hydraulic scissor lifts, spindle scissor lifts, belt-driven lifts, rigidchain-driven lifts, coil cars and hydraulic mast platform lifts.

The range of application is wide and our customers come from a variety of sectors including the automotive, steel, wire, machinery, paper and timber industries, next to private and public-sector clients.


Previous transmission systems - hydraulic, spindle screw, belt.

Previous power transmission - These systems always transmit their power into the scissor, in order to push the platform upwards. This means When lifting from the lowest position, 7 times as much force as the load is needed to move the lift upwards. This results in a strong usage of the scissor-axle- and other bearings.

Often the lift must be designed in an overdimensioned way to cope with these forces.

The Rigid Chain System

The new rigid chain transmission system provides many advantages to previously known systems.

Our system transmits the force directly to the platform and pushes the platform up only with the force actually needed.

The Result

The force needed is much lower, as the load is pushed 1:1 upwards. The scissors and bearings are relieved as they are not exposed to high loads any more.

The lift can be built in a more compact and lighter way for the same type of application.

The Rigid Chain

The chain carries the load only on the surfaces of the links and forms a rigid column. This is in sharp contrast to other chain types, where the load is carried by the axles, therefore causing severe wear and needing constant lubrication.

Maintenance and servicing

The rigid chain system works virtually maintenance-free, without oil and grease and is almost without wear and tear.

For servicing, all parts are well accessible and easily replaceable if ever needed. All assembly groups are bolted.